Protected Chick Program


A program that optimises hatchery vaccine application giving the producer the benefit of early vaccination and reducing vaccination on farm.

Our Products used in the Protected Chick Program

Nobilis® ND C2 is a live freeze-dried vaccine, indicated for the primary vaccination of chickens at 1 day of age or older against Newcastle Disease.

Nobilis® IB Ma5 is a live attenuated vaccine to prevent Infectious Bronchitis (Massachusetts type) in chickens (via eye drop application or spray administration).

This vaccine may only be used by persons registered in terms of or authorised in terms of section 23 (1) (c) of the Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act, 1982 (Act No. 19 of 1982).

For the active immunisation of chickens from 1 day of age or older to reduce clinical signs of disease caused by infection with Infectious Bronchitis Virus serotype D388/QX.

A live vaccine, indicated for use as an aid in the prevention of Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) (Gumboro) in fowls.