A Trusted Source for Comprehensive Animal Health

MSD Animal Health is dedicated to the research and development, production and marketing of innovative, high quality animal health products.

MSD Animal Health has always been a research driven company and is proud to have the only South African company-owned research unit in South Africa. This fully accredited Research Unit, based in Malelane, is responsible for both local and international research and development.

The main activities taking place at the research unit are the development and testing of new ecto and endoparasitic drugs. A tick management system has been developed to provide advice to farmers. Our laboratory on the farm provides a rapid and free dip wash analysis service to South African farmers. Users of MSD Animal Health’s compounds are advised whether their dips are at the correct strength and, if not, what adjustments should be made. The unit is also at the forefront when to comes to the testing of worms for resistance against endoparasiticides. Faecal egg count reduction tests are done to advise farmers which endoparasitic drugs to use.

The MSD Animal Health sales team is strongly supported by our Veterinary Services Department and 9 highly qualified veterinarians. They provide expertise in their respective fields such as beef, dairy, small livestock, companion animals, pigs and poultry.

Our vision is to be entirely service focused and provide South African Farmers with the optimal solutions to all their animal health needs.

MSD Animal Health is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company.