MSD Animal Health Social Media Repository

Welcome to the MSD Animal Health’s brand new repository of all things social media. Here you will find posts, creative, and videos that you can use in your practice for your own social media activities.

There are many types of paid advertising, and it’s important to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Although there are many other paid options like programmatic ads, influencers or YouTube ads, we’ll focus on Google and Facebook ads, as these are the two largest and most popular paid media providers in a majority of markets.

Please find below content and images ready for you to use in your practice and on your social media pages.
The text can be copied and pasted from the file below and edited as you wish to personalise for your practice.



Social Media Content Calendar

  1. Download content calendar
  2. Download corresponding images and videos below
  3. Open Facebook – create post
  4. Copy & paste the wording from the content calendar into your post, upload the relevant picture or video.
  5. Click post

Voila, post done!

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Video Post

Post 1- Nobivac Respira Bb

Post 2- Nobivac Respira Bb

Post 3 – Nobivac Respira Bb

Post 4- Nobivac Respira Bb

Post 5- Nobivac Respira Bb

Post 6 – Nobivac Respira Bb


  • For ease of reference, create a folder for each month’s posts.
  • Spell check. Spell check. Spell check.
  • Ask people to like your Facebook page for updates.
  • Made a mistake? Go back and edit your post.