Product Details - NOBILIS® IB+ND


Product Class

For Animal Use Only
Reg. No. G2614 Act 36/1947

Nobilis® IB+ND is a combined inactivated vaccine for the protection of future breeding fowls against Infectious Bronchitis (Massachusetts type) and Newcastle Disease.

Each 0,5 ml dose of Nobilis® IB+ND contains immunogenic strains of Infectious Bronchitis virus (Massachusetts type) (inducing at greater than or equal to 6,0 log2 HI units) and Newcastle disease virus, (containing at least greater than or equal to 50 PD50 units). The viruses have been inactivated with formalin and subsequently suspended in the water phase of a water-in-oil emulsion.

Bottles containing 500 ml sufficient for 1 000 doses. Each bottle is packed in an outer cardboard carton.

Registration holder
Intervet S.A. (Pty) Ltd
Co. Reg. No. 1991/006580/07