Product Details - NOBILIS® REO INAC.


Product Class

For Animal Use Only
Reg. No. G2577 Act 36/1947

Nobilis® Reo inac. is an inactivated vaccine recommended for the booster vaccination of primed breeding stock against Avian Reo virus in order to protect the offspring of the vaccinated fowls against Avian Reo virus infections.

Each dose of Nobilis® Reo inac. contains Reo virus strains 1733 and 2408 inducing > 5,0 log 2 VN units. The viruses have been grown on CEF cell cultures and are inactivated with formalin and subsequently suspended in the aqueous phase of an oil adjuvant emulsion.

Bottles containing 250 ml (sufficient for 500 doses) and 500 ml (sufficient for 1 000 doses). Each bottle is packed in a cardboard carton.

Registration holder
Intervet S.A. (Pty) Ltd
Co. Reg. No. 1991/006580/07