Product Details - NOBILIS® RISMAVAC + CA126


For Animal Use Only
Reg. No. G2632 Act 36/1947

Nobilis® Rismavac + CA126 is a combined live, cell-associated Marek’s Disease vaccine recommended for the immunisation of healthy chicks against Marek’s Disease.

Each fowl dose of Nobilis® Rismavac + CA126 contains at least 3,0 log10 PFU of live Turkey Herpes virus strain FC-126 (serotype 3) and at least 3,0 log10 PFU of live Fowl Herpes Virus strain CVI-988 (serotype 1) in the cell associated form, as a suspension of virus containing SPF chicken embryo fibroblasts.

Glass ampoules containing 1 000 doses of vaccine and 200 ml of sterile diluent.

Registration holder:
Intervet S.A. (Pty) Ltd 
Co. Reg. No. 1991/006580/07