For increased milk production in healthy, well-nourished adult cows.

Reg. SAGARPA Q-0273-060


Sustained-release somatotropin

FORMULA: Each syringe contains:

Recombinant bovine somatotropin 500 mg
Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E) 1.8 g
Vehicle, c.b.p. 2 ml.

INDICATIONS: BOOSTIN®-S is indicated in lactating cows to increase milk production. The optimal period of application will be 80 to 100 days after delivery depending on the body condition of the cow and can be extended up to one month before the cow is dried. This product should be administered exclusively to healthy dairy cows.

DOSAGE AND ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION: Apply a syringe (500 mg) every 14 days. The recommended site for the administration of BOOSTIN®-S is subcutaneously in the ischae-rectal fossa, alternating the application side in each treatment (left-right). Clean and disinfect the application site. Apply preferably at room temperature. It is recommended a good management and adequate nutrition to obtain optimal milk production. BOOSTIN®-S does not have a withdrawal period for milk or meat destined for human consumption. Keep refrigerated between 2 and 8 ° C. Do not freeze. There may be transient local inflammation around the application site.

PRESENTATION: Box with 25 syringes of 2 ml.