Press Release

2020 Veterinary Student Scholarship Program


Greater than 400 applications were received from over 50 countries for the fourth annual MSD Animal Health / World Veterinary Association (WVA) Veterinary Student Scholarship Program. As in previous years, the quality of applications received to the 2020 scholarship program is a testament to the excellence of veterinary education and the promise of budding veterinarians worldwide. MSD Animal Health and the World Veterinary Association are delighted to contribute to the advancement of the global veterinary community through the empowerment of veterinary students. This year, 41 veterinary students were selected from nearly 30 different countries to receive a scholarship of 5,000 US Dollars in recognition of their academic achievements and to aid in the development of their academic and veterinary career.

September 1st 2020, Brussels, Belgium. WVA and MSD Animal Health are delighted to
announce the results of the 4th annual MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student
Scholarship Program and the names of the 41 veterinary students selected from the regions
of Asia and Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.
The MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program is designed to aid
students in their scholastic development and enable them to continue their education by
offering direct financial support. Applications were assessed based on academic achievement, engagement of students with their desired career path, leadership potential, and letters of support from their universities.

The WVA is very pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 MSD Animal Health / WVA
Veterinary Student Scholarship Program,” said WVA President, Dr. Patricia Turner. “We
recognize the challenges that veterinary students around the world are facing because of the
global covid-19 pandemic. Through this partnership with MSD Animal Health, we can help to
ensure a skilled veterinary profession is available to deal with ongoing global animal and
human health issues in the years to come

Our ongoing partnership with the World Veterinary Association is a critical way in which we
continue to help advance veterinary medicine,” said Edival Santos, DVM, Latin America
Regional Manager, MSD Animal Health. “With pet adoptions on the rise amid the pandemic
and the ongoing demand for safe, affordable protein, we recognize the imperative role that
veterinarians play in our society and are pleased to support their educational pursuits

MSD Animal Health and the World Veterinary Association would like to thank all of the veterinary students who submitted an application to the 2020 MSD Animal Health / WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program, and who ensure a bright future for the veterinary profession.

About the World Veterinary Association (WVA):
The World Veterinary Association was founded in 1863 when Dr. J. Gamgee convened the first
international veterinary congress. This iniGaGve ulGmately grew into the WVA as it is known
today: a global association represent over 500,000 veterinarians worldwide through its 95 member associations. The WVA continues to build on Dr. Gamgee’s ambition to unite veterinarians from around the world to share experiences, exchange ideas, and to unify for the advancement of the veterinary profession. The WVA defends the interest of its member organizations and their general body members, and holds the need for international consonance in veterinary medicine to be self-evident. Disease control and prevention, food safety and security, animal welfare, the availability of medicinal products, and the ecological impact of human and animal health systems, are all issues that necessitate a global approach. Through promotion and practice of the One Health concept, the WVA strives to protect the health and welfare of humans, animals, and the environment. The WVA partners with relevant organizations and authorizes to offer advocacy, support, and education on global veterinary issues.
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About MSD Animal Health:
For more than a century, MSD Animal Health, a leading global pharmaceutical company, has
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