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4. When last did you analyse the effect of IB on your Chicks per Hen Housed?

In breeders 14% of lots presented clinical signs of IB and loss of 5,6 chicks per lodged chicken has been verified. Considering the lodging of 6 660 000 breeders in production a total of 5 221 440 chicks were not produced within a year. Given the value of each chick is U$ 0,321 the losses in a year represent U$ 1 674 904.35 or U$ 251.49 for each 1 000 breeders lodged in production.

Assayag, J. et al. (2012) Economic impact of infectious bronchitis in a Brazilian poultry integration system,’ pp. 80 – 83.


“..In many countries, you have
three, four or five variants. We’re
realising that it may be futile to
vaccinate against one specific IB
virus strain. You have to try and
make smart vaccine combinations
so your protection is broader.”

Sjaak de Wit, DVM, PhD

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