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3. When last did you analyse the effect of IB on your FCR?

In broilers, for each 1 000 000 000 slaughtered chickens in a year, 11% of lots presented signs of infection, making a total of 110 000 000 of birds with problems. The average live weight was 2,1kg and average feed conversion (FC) for March 2012 was 1,854 (EMBRAPA, 2012). Lots presenting clinical signs have lost 80 grams in the FC, totalizing the waste of 18.480 tons of feed in a year. Feed value was of $399.51 (EMBRAPA, 2012) prvoding losses of U$7 382 946.46 in a year.

Assayag, J. et al. (2012) Economic impact of infectious bronchitis in a Brazilian poultry integration system,’ pp. 80 – 83.


“Some IB serotypes are
serologically related to other
serotypes “just enough to provide
cross-protection.” Each is called a

Mark Jackwood, PhD

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