Taktic® LS Cattle Dip

Controls ticks. Kills lice and mange mites on cattle.

Reg. No. G2536 Act 36/1947
Namibia Reg. No. V02/18.3.4/779

Controls ticks. Kills lice and mange mites on cattle.

Contains Amitraz 23,75% m/m plus stabiliser Calcium hydroxide 75%m/m


  • Do not slaughter cattle for human consumption within 7 days of last dipping.
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.
  • The use of this product may lead to a slight bleaching effect giving rise to a red tinge of the hair tips of black, and black and white cattle without any harmful effects.
  • In case of poisoning call a doctor and make this label available to him.
  • Destroy empty packets.
  • Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the registration holder.

Directions for Use: Use only as directed.

  • For external use only on cattle by dipping : NOT FOR HAND SPRAYING OR SPRAY RACES.

Mixing instructions (Diptanks only)

Initial fill:
TAKTIC® LS Cattle Dip is in 1 x 500 head packs or 5 X 100 head packs.
The small packet contains the active ingredient and the larger packet contains stabiliser (Calcium hydroxide).

For every 1 250 litres of water in the diptank, 1 X 500 head or 5 x 100 head packs TAKTIC® LS Cattle Dip will be required. For a 12 500 litre tank 10 X 500 head or 50 x 100 head packs will be required for initial filling.

Open all the small packets (according to diptank volume) and add all the powder to approximately 40 litres of water in a suitable container. Allow powder to settle then stir. When well mixed add to the diptank and agitate well. Proceed with dipping immediately.

At the end of dipping, open all the packets of stabiliser and sprinkle along the length of the diptank.

Top up with water when necessary to provide a suitable dipwash level.
Add packets of TAKTIC® LS Cattle Dip active ingredient (small packets), observing the mixing instructions under d) above according to the number of animals dipped on the last dipping, e.g. if 500 head were dipped at the last dipping, mix 1 X 500 head or 5 x 100 head packet with water, and add to the dipwash. Proceed with dipping immediately.

AT THE END of dipping, open the large packet of stabiliser, which is attached to the small packet of active ingredient and sprinkle along the length of the dipwash.

The following table summarises the requirements for initial filling and subsequent replenishments:


1 litres 200 ml
500 litres 100 litres


Packs of TAKTIC® LS Cattle DipVolume of waterNo. of cattle dipped on last dippingNo. of 100 head packs of TAKTIC® LS Cattle Dip
30 x 100 head (6 boxes)40 x 100 head (8 boxes)50 x 100 head (10 boxes)60 x 100 head (12 boxes)70 x 100 head (14 boxes)7 500 litres10 000 litres12 500 litres15 000 litres17 500 litres10020030040050012345

Frequency of use
Intensive tick control:

When used as directed at weekly intervals it will provide intensive control of ticks. All animals should be treated and interruption of the programme should be avoided as they will then, if not vaccinated, be susceptible to various tick-borne diseases.

Extended treatment intervals:
Under circumstances of low tick challenge, it may be used, at the user’s discretion, at intervals greater than 7 days. In these circumstances, users are advised to make use of relevant vaccines to obtain optimal protection of their cattle against prevalent tick-borne diseases.

Dip cattle twice with a 7 day interval for lice.

If a period of longer than 3 weeks should elapse between dippings, add additional stabiliser (Calcium hydroxide) at the rate of 2,5 kg to 2 500 litres of dipwash at the end of the last dipping. With this procedure the contents of the tank will be adequately protected for two months.

Each box contains 2,5 Kg additional stabiliser for this purpose.

Storage Instructions
Protect product from extremes of heat and cold and from dampness.

1 X 500 Head (1,25kg)
Supplied together with 12,5kg lime stabiliser and 2,5kg additional lime stabiliser.
5 x 100 Head (250g)
Supplied together with 2,5kg lime stabiliser and 2,5kg additional lime stabiliser.

Registration holder
Intervet S.A. (Pty) Ltd
Co. Reg. No. 1991/006580/07