Product Details - NOBILIS® IB+G+ND


Product Class

For Animal Use only
For Use by or Under the Control of a Veterinarian Only
Reg. No. G2696 Act 36/1947

Nobilis® IB+G+ND is a combined inactivated vaccine for primed fowls and is recommended for the protection of the progeny of primed breeders during the first week of life against Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro), and for the booster vaccination of future layers and breeders against Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle disease.

Each dose of Nobilis® IB+G+ND contains inactivated Infectious Bronchitis virus Massachusetts serotype strain M41 inducing > 6,0 log2 HI units, inactivated Newcastle Disease virus Clone 30 > 50 PD50 units and inactivated Infectious bursal disease (Gumboro) inducing > 12,5 log2 VN units. The viruses were grown in embryonated eggs or Vero cell cultures, inactivated with formalin and subsequently suspended in the aqueous phase of an oil adjuvant emulsion.

Bottles containing 500 ml sufficient for 1 000 doses.